Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Tasks Completed

  • Examples of other texts
  • 3 x Analysis of magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads
  • Analysis of colour palettes, fonts 10 examples of each
  • Decide on style of music magazine based on research carried out
  • Analysis of existing magazine titles
  • Decide on title of magazine
  • Research relevant fashion/styling associated with genre
  • Mood boards
  • Audience profile
  • Research relevant photographers, graphic designers, magazine creators
  • Analysis of institution that would publish your magazine
  • Preliminary magazine
Tasks Uncompleted

  • Language register
  • Audience research
  • Preparation of a 25 word pitch
  • Compose 20 song playlist of tracks that have inspired you (extension task) using sound cloud
  • Read and comment on peer blogs (extension task)
Organisation and time management
I found the schedule pretty tough going and have a little work to do which I have left. I need to ensure I leave enough time to complete the work and allow for some errors to occur in the process.

Research and planning
I have learnt a lot about music magazines as I researched into them and have been able to gain inspiration from looking at the variety of magazines out there. I feel I could produce a good piece of work through my research that I have done.

I struggled when first using photoshop and have now came to know the basics of it, but I feel I will need to learn how to use it better before I won't require any help. Also, I am starting to get better with using the camera and exploring all the facilities it has.

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