Thursday, 15 January 2015

Analysis of magazine covers and contents pages masthead is in white writing so that it stands out. Also, the use of colours makes it that little bit more noticeable which will catch peoples eye as they are browsing. The background really compliments the use of the colour white which makes it eye catching. The use of the dull background matches the person who is in the image (Drake) as he is a fairly dull character but can sometimes brighten up which is shown with some bright colours dotted around the front cover. The layout of the magazine is simple, with a few bold titles showing what is inside the magazine with little sentences of what specific things are featured within the magazine. The background is mainly filled up by the image and the text and has little space but there is just enough so you can see it. The feature image is central, large and it covers most of the space on the front cover. The black and white image is showing the mood of the magazine that it is creating which is a dull atmosphere. However, the colourful bits then try to lift the atmosphere with it being on the titles that show you what is within the magazine.  The simple font used goes with the basic structure to the design. The contrast between the black and white and the colours makes the masthead stand out and look appealing. The target audience is aimed at younger people, who are interested in hip-hop which appears to be the music that Billboard is promoting and especially those interested in Drake. The use of bright colours on the text shows that this cover is aimed at younger people. masthead which is used in this magazine cover is a very large, bold, bright blue title which instantly grabs the attention of the reader. The use of these colours make the title stand out a lot which is key in grabbing the reader’s attention. The other colours which are around the title compliment it well. The masthead is large but is placed behind the cover star which is an unusual place of putting the title but this magazine does it as it is seen as acceptable in this case as the magazine already has consistent customers who have become familiar with it. The use of the bold writing matches the style of the cover star that is featured on the front of this magazine (Kanye West). The layout has been kept fairly simple with text above and either side of the cover star. There are a few large heading with some small headings with little of the background left blank. However, there is just enough so you can see the light coloured background. The medium close up image used allows up to see the expression and detail which is on the cover stars face (Kanye West). The image is medium size and doesn't fill the entire magazine allowing space for text. From the image used you can also get a glimpse of the clothing and style. The text is big and bold which instantly catches the reader’s attention. The font used is basic but is a recognisable blue which is used on the masthead. The consistent colour scheme which is mainly used in the text is pink, black and blue which makes it stand out while also looking professional. The target audience of this magazine is the genre hip-hop, but people especially who like the artist Kanye West. The bright fonts give it a good feel to the magazine which can also be associated with hip-hop. masthead is a big bold red title so that it stands out and catches the attention of the reader straight away. The colours of the text that have been used contrast well with the white background which compliments the title. The font works well because it matches the style of music which is bold and loud and in people’s faces. The layout used is quite complex with writing on the entire page except over the image. It has quite a few large headings over the front cover showing names of various artists with hip-hop with Eminem being the stand out. There is little space to see the background because the page is filled with text but the white background contrasts well with all the colours on the front cover. The feature image that is used is central, large and covers quite a lot of the page. It i simple and effective, revealing certain details that are the tattoos on Eminem's arms. The image has been brought forward so it is ahead of the title and the text which is showing how important the cover star (Eminem) is. Also, as the image is the main point of the front cover it shows that the magazine is strong in itself by letting an artist dominate the front cover. The text used is big, bold, red writing for the title which instantly grabs the reader’s attention. The colour scheme is red, white and black. The red and black is used a lot on the front cover with text saying what is inside the magazine. By choosing these colours it is recognisable and stands out. The target audience for this magazine is hip-hop fans which especially like the cover star (Eminem). The use of colours match this genre and the artist Eminem as they are bold and in your face, while also grabbing your attention. large mid shot image of Kanye West takes up a large proportion of the page even though the image is slightly to the left. The colour palette that is used is a very neutral one, which matches the clothing and also the background of the photo. The only bit of colour on the page is the vivid red heart which is placed on the left of his chest. The masthead and the sub heading are all neutral which is sticking with the theme. This makes the page look quite mysterious as there isn't much colour on the page as the photo of Kanye West is black and white/grey scale. The image of Kanye is very emotionless and a very serious character which can be related to his music. This page has a sense of individuality by not having much colour on it and it makes the page look very professional.

The picture which is used on this contents page is a very eye catching one which gives a very modern look to the page and a very interesting one. The masthead looks very modern as well because it is split on to three lines in bold white writing which fits in well with the modern themed page. The background of this page is made to make the cover star stand out because there is lighting which is like a spotlight behind the image. The colours are black and white which go together and make everything stand out individually. The split between 'Features' and 'Fashion' are good as they both stand out and makes it easier for the reader to see what is within the magazine. The use of space on this page is used well as there isn't any wasted space on the page.

There are several images used on the contents page but there is one main picture. The image doesn’t fill up that much of the page but it is still big enough to stand out. The masthead is also quite small which isn’t very eye catching. The background of the contents page is white which contrasts well with the pictures and text on it. There is one subheading which is big enough to see at a glance to make it stand out. The images on this page are clearly the main attraction as there is four pictures with one main one. There isn’t much space wasted which is good so the page doesn’t look simple or boring.

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