Friday, 30 January 2015

Draft article - interview

I'm brought here today by the new up and coming artist... Ben Edwards! Following his recent European tour which has been the most successful debut tour in over 30 years, which comes just a month before the release of his second album; Up. I am going to ask him what it is like from turning from a busker on the streets of Leicester to a famous singer in 2 years, and how it feels to finally break onto the music scene.

Me: Thanks for joining us today and taking the time out for me to talk to you... You must be very busy at the moment following your recent fame.
B: No worries, I am glad to be here, I have always been a fan of your magazine. You're lucky I made it, I missed my train this morning and had second thoughts about today.
*Both laugh*

Me: How have you find becoming famous? And in such a short amount of time.
B: It has been a whirlwind of a time, seeing my face everywhere and the excitement it gives to people
when I appear is such a good feeling, there is nothing like it and words just can't describe it. Just the other night I was watching T.V and the adverts where on that I starred in which was a very weird experience because I don't see myself as being famous. I'm just a normal down to earth guy from Leicester.

Me: What would you put your initial success down to?
B: Well like anything, hard work is key. I have been wanting to sing my whole life which helps a lot. I think that my willingness to succeed, the work ethic I have and the support which my family gave me was all down to my success. The main reason to my success was mainly down to one night that I will never forget. It was when I had a small gig in Stockport and caught the train there with my Dad and my performance was average at best. This was the first and only time my Dad ever seen me perform and then he passed away not long after that night and from then on, I was determined more than ever to succeed, not only for me but for my Dad who was my role model. Also, I can't forget about my fans who have been brilliant to me and helped me out so much.

Me: How are you finding day to day life as a famous artist?
B: It's very different to what I was used to. I find it hard to even go to the local shops without being mobbed by my fans, which don't get me wrong is certainly not a bad thing... Well not at the moment.
*Both laugh*
I am still getting used to the new life I now lead and I'm sure I will get used to it soon.

Me: Do you think being an indie pop/alternative artist has anything to do with your recent fame?
B: In recent years indie pop songs have been noticed a lot more and have started appearing in the charts aswell. I think that this is more the music of the now and is really starting to get the respect it deserves and is getting respect from the other genres aswell. So yes is the answer to your question.

Me: Has music always been the dream?
B: I suppose so, I have played football for the majority of my life and went through a phase of wanting to be a footballer just like most other boys but that didn't last long because of the injury I got while playing for my school team and since then I haven't been able to play so I then turned all my attention to making it onto the music scene.

Me: I have heard rumours that you will be touring later on this year? what do you have to say on this?
B: The rumours are true... I will be touring all around the UK! I want to make a statement with my new album 'Up'. The dates are to be released at the start of next month with me closing the tour in hopefully a sell out crown and the London O2 Arena, which is a massive thing for me. I just really hope that my new album is a hit with the public and especially my fans because now I've got here, I want to stay in the music industry for as long as possible, because you know cruel this industry can be.

Me: Wow! Is that an exclusive?
B: Yes, this is the first time I have been able to tell people because everything has now been confirmed with the dates and venues.

Me: What was your reasoning for the album title 'Up'?
B: I chose it because I believe now the only way I can go is 'Up' and I want to strive and do as well as I can in the music industry which is why I called it 'Up'.

Me: Is there any other live shows you will be performing this year?
B: There are a couple actually, I am going to be performing at Leeds Festival in the summer which I can't wait to do because I have been going there for a few years now and to perform there will be amazing. I am also going to be doing some local gigs and appearance in and around Leicester to give something back to my fans who have been buying my first album; 21. Plus, I am performing live later
on in the year which will be televised aswell but I can't say where and when that is right now, keep an eye out.

Me: Finally, have you found that you are getting more attention from girls with your recent rise in fame?
B: Before I became famous I still had a bit of attention from the ladies so it hasn't been a dramatic change for me. Although, I have been that busy recently that I haven't been able to go out as much as I would have liked too, but there is this one girl who has caught my eye, so watch this space.

Me: Haha, well thank you for today Ben it has been great talking to you and getting an insight to your life with your recent fame.
B: No worries, I have enjoyed it too, it has been a pleasure.

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