Monday, 26 January 2015

Audience research

The target audience for my music magazine is 16-25 year old males. The people who will buy my magazine are within a few categories including; Stylers, Trackies, Indie Scenestars and Young Alts. This is due to the mix of hip-hop, indie and alternative music within my magazine.

The Sytlers and Trackies are the hip-hop lovers. These people tend to stay out late and always be on the lookout for new and coming hip-hop artists. However, some love the old school hip-hop so they will be listening to the likes of Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Biggie Smalls, Tu-Pac, Snoop-Dog and 50 Cent. The clothes and brands associated are trackies, snap backs, Nike, Adidas. Usually you will find them wearing Adidas tracksuits with box fresh creps. These people are under the main tag of 'Urban'.

The other target audience I have is Indie Scenestars and Young Alts. These people are dedicated to finding new music and exploring all avenues to get there. Staying ahead of the curve is a must, but it's borne out of a genuine love for music. For the Indie Scenestars there is nothing better than discovering new artists and spreading the love. boys and girls rock similar looks with skinny jeans, vintage and Converse/Vans. also, Cheap Monday, Uniqlo and American Apparel.
Young Alts are the tribe for young people who 'want out' of the mainstream. Individuality is key, and tribe members will experiment with looks that will make them stand out from the Townies and the Trendies. Music-wise, Young Alts will listen to a wide range - from heritage bands like The Smiths, to scene kids favourites Bring Me The Horizon and even the occasional urban sounds like Joey Badass and ASAP Rocky. This links in with the urban tag of the Stylers and the Trackies.

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