Friday, 16 January 2015

Style of magzine

The style of music magazine that I am going to produce is a general magazine. My main reasons for choosing this are that I want to have a large target audience instead of a restricted one which can therefore get my magazine out there and generate more reader's. Also, the magazine 'Clash' influenced me in this decision because I like the way that the magazine is set up and by having a general music magazine you can change the front cover from indie one month to hip-hop the next. This then can appeal to a wider audience so therefore more people will like my magazine and more people will read it. Another reason why is because I listen to and like lots of different genres of music, not just one in particular. Therefore, I will enjoy producing this magazine a lot more than being restricted to one music genre and then hopefully produce a better quality of work through my enjoyment and willingness of doing it. This way also, the thoughts and ideas I have will come more naturally than doing one genre which I would have to force ideas and they might not be as good. Hopefully this way more people will buy my magazine and it will be more successful.

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