Friday, 16 January 2015

Colour palette (1)

This darker green would be good on an indie magazine because of its darker colours. They would go well with a white background to make the green text stand out and catch the reader's attention.
This colour would be good with a pop magazine because of the bright colour it is in your face from the off. It can be made to highlight important things on the magazine.
This colour can be used in all magazines because it is a versatile colour. However, it would go well with a rock n rock magazine because of the edgy look it has to it.
The colour black can be used on any magazine there is and is used in every magazine. The colour is best used for text and can also be used for mastheads.
The colour white is best used for backgrounds as it can bring out colours better and get things to stand out. i like this colour as it has a simplistic but professional look to it.

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