Friday, 30 January 2015

Evaluate feedback

I received 5 comments on my 25 word pitch. The comments given for my target market were all correct so I feel that I had success with my intended target audience within my 25 word pitch. The artists which they anticipated that they would see were all right also. I feel that I got my featured artists across well to the viewers of 25 word pitch because they knew who was going to be featured. The improvements that I was given were mainly to do with picking a colour scheme for my magazine and stating it on the 25 word pitch. Also, the comments were saying that I should maybe re-think my pricing strategy because of the frequency of my magazine coming out once a month. I am now going to change the price from £2.99 to £4.99 as I feel the 16-25 age range will mostly have jobs and won't be put off by a slightly higher price. Overall, I feel I pitched well but I could have not used as many words in some areas and therefore state my colour scheme. This would then have all the key information needed to let my viewers know what specific things are in my magazine within the 25 word slot.

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