Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Language register

Magazines have a certain language style which they go by and use for their magazine. This is done so that the reader can relate to the magazine and the genre of the music within the magazine. Some of the bands may come across as being arrogant if they are being interviewed because they don't want to give away any information about some of their new releases. A magazine like NME will use the current language but will change it to suit the band because of the way this magazine is set up. The magazine vibe uses more of a modern language and also uses the up to date slang as the magazine is hip-hop based. The language which I will use will be a mix because of the rang of genres that I have. When speaking about hip-hop artists, I will use modern language with slang and when I am speaking about indie/alternative I will use current language and will change it to suit the bands on that page.

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