Saturday, 17 January 2015

fashion associated with modern hip-hop

I am doing a general music magazine so I could have chosen any genre to do for the fashions. I chose hip-hop because this is the music genre I listen to most, therefore I know the modern fashions in hip-hop more than I do in indie rock or alternative. Within modern hip-hop, it has seen a resurgence of old fads coming back into fashion aswell as the emergence of new ones.

The first fashion that is about in modern hip-hop is tattoos. Tattoos have always been a part of hip-hop but more so now because some artists are now getting all 'tatted' up and having tattoos all over their body from head to toe. Artists that do this are Lil Wayne, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy. Mainly tattoos covering the face and the head have become increasing popular within modern hip-hop. As you can see i the pictures above, Lil Wayne who is the top left has tattoos all over his body and face which. Also, Schoolboy Q in the top right corner has tattoos on his arm and face which is now becoming the fashion within modern hip-hop.

Another fashion which is within modern hip-hop is wearing 'bling'. This can be chains around your neck, rings on your fingers or even gold/silver plated teeth. The fashion with having chains on is a fashion which has been around throughout all hip-hop era's. This is to make a statement and to show that you have the best chain which obviously cost thousands of pounds/dollars. The gold/silver plated teeth has become a rising fashion with some artists doing it now such as Lil Wayne and ASAP Rocky. As you can see in three of the pictures above that they are all wearing chains around their neck which is Lil Wayne in the top left, Tyler The Creator who is in the bottom left and ASAP Rocky who is also wearing some rings on his fingers in the bottom right.

Clothing brands which are fashions within modern hip-hop are Bathing Ape (made popular by artist and producer Pharrell), Billionaire Boys Club, Nike and Adidas. Other brands that are popular within modern hip-hop are skateboarding clothing brands which are Vans, Nike SB, Obey, Stussy, Supreme, Supra, DC and Emericas. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator all wear these on their music videos and concerts.

The last fashion that I am going to show within modern hip-hop is wearing snapbacks. There has been a rebirth of the 90's snapback caps which is the most noticeable sign of the new school throwback image. The rise of snapbacks are credited a lot to Mac Miller by realising a song called 'Snap Back' in 2009 with the rise of snapbacks occuring in mid 2010. The artists which usually are always wearing a snapback are Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Big Sean and Tyga. There may be a new fad with another type of hat which is called a '5 Panel'. This is a hat associated with skateboarding but hip-hop artists have started to wear them with the main artist being Tyler The Creator who is wearing one in the bottom left picture. 

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