Friday, 16 January 2015

Analysis of existing magazine titles

I like the way that the font of this magazine title is basic and simple because it gives a professional and sharp look it it which i like. Also, the way that some of the letters are filled in with bright, bold colours makes it stand out more and will catch the attention of the reader. Plus, the name of this magazine is good because a billboard is a big advertising board which you find in big cities. This therefore is making a statement by wanting to be something big.

The use of the title 'Clash' to me is saying that something stands out, therefore this is a good title and a catchy one because its a word which is used daily so when you use the word in a different context you will think of the magazine. The basic font is in black so it doesn't stand out but it does look professional which is a look you want on a magazine.

The red background in this title makes it stand out which would catch the reader's attention. Also, the white and red contrast well so it gives a professional look to the title. The name of the magazine 'Q' originally was called 'Cue' but this caused a lot of confusion so it settled on calling the magazine 'Q' which I like because it is simple and effective.

The name 'Vibe' is very effective because it makes people think of good things while listening to music and therefore puts them in a good mood. The font has a hip-hop feel to it which is what is within the magazine and you can tell by the title which is a good thing as it would appeal to their target audience. Vibe change the colour of their title according to the colour palette on the magazine which is a good thing because the title will always fit in. However, in other ways it could be bad because the title may not stand out as much as it would if it was a different colour to the colour palette.

'New Music Express' is a good name for the magazine and looks effective when shortened to 'NME'. The colour palette which is black, white and red all contrast very well and are the three main colours you will see on a magazine. The font is big and bold which stands out to the reader which is the aim for the magazine.

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