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Evaluation - Question 5 - Draft - Prezzi

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

Introduction: I am aiming my target audience at 16-25 year olds who are mainly male and enjoy the Hip-Hop or Indie / Alternative music genre's and have a fashion sense according to their preferred music genre. Hip-Hop fashion  sense would be wearing Nike or Adidas tracksuits and having box fresh creeps, also they are known to wear brands such as Billionaire Boys Club, Supreme and Bape. Indie / Alternative fashion sense is wearing clothing that is different and standing out with lots of vintage clothes and leather jackets. With the basic look to the magazine it hasn't got a mainstream look to it which my target audiences try and stay away from which will attract them to the magazine. I believe this will attract my target audience to my magazine because it fits in perfectly with their interests.

Front Cover:

The first point of interest on my page will be my mast head as it is positioned at the top of the page and has the largest font size on the page which is to catch the target audiences eye so they are attracted to the magazine. The font that I used was Phosphate because it was bold and bulky which is the look I wanted so it will be the point of interest. I made the colour of the title black so it is easily readable and isn't too close together to cause any confusion, it is also hard to miss so it will be eye catching to the customers. I took inspiration from other magazines and the conventions they used in making my title bold and bulky with black writing. An example of this would be from the magazine Loud and Quiet which uses black, bold and bulky writing for their mast head.

Loud and Quiet image, FL!P image

The cover lines that I had used was very simple and minimal. This only had the name of my artist on the front of the magazines name 'Ben Edwards'. Also, it had a few words on the artist underneath which read; 'The future of music'. I used these words to attract customers to my magazine as it will lure potential readers into wanting to see the rest of the magazine and then hopefully buy FL!P. I believe that the content of having some of the artists / bands on the front page of my magazine was a good way of attracting customers to my magazine. By featuring these it shows my audience what is going to be within the magazine and then make them want to buy it if the music genre's shown are within their interests. This is a convention which I took inspiration from Clash magazine which uses both of these conventions which I have on my front cover. 

Clash image and FL!P magazine

The model / image which I used on my front cover has a similar dress sense to some indie scenestars with the skinny jeans and oversized jumpers. My artist is looking head on making eye contact with potential customers of my magazine to lure them in and give them the feel they are involved with magazine. This is aesthetically pleasing for my target audience because it is engaging with them. With images being all the way through my magazine it is another way of attracting my target audience into purchasing my magazine.

Brad picture

Contents page:

On my contents page I included to my magazine has bands / artists and content which would attract potential customers into purchasing my magazine. I made sure it was interesting and would be what they want to be seeing on the contents page so it will make them look forward into reading FL!P. I added more bands / artists to the contents page and not just what was on the front cover so it has a variety and not just a few things which will also interest my target audience. I made sure that my contents page was very easy to navigate around and to find the contents on it as the page numbers were with the features. I added two images to my contents page with a mid shot which had eye contact with the readers as this shows a powerful use of photography. With one of the images I laid it out to show the photographers name below the image used. The magazine which gave me inspiration for this convention and the lay out of the page was Fader magazine issue number 36. I also used columns with my content that I had written so it made the page look sharp and professional in its lay out.

Contents page, Fader contents page

Double page spread:

I first included the same text which I used on the front cover of my magazine which read; 'Ben Edwards, The future of music'. I used this at it introduces my artist well and attracts viewers to read to article. I added an introduction to set the interview up as I explained a little about 'Ben Edwards' and what he has achieved, my target audience enjoy reading interviews so this will attract my target audience to my magazine. So by doing this it instantaneously makes the readers want to read the article about an artist within their preferred music genre. I also chose to use big bold writing with smaller writing as it makes it look professional and contrasts well. The article which I have written has good content and has bold writing with the questions asked which will attract customers as they will sot the questions and then look forward to the response of the artist. The article is in three columns which shows it in a professional light and makes the page look tidy and neat which will look aesthetically pleasing to my target audience.

Picture of double page spread

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