Friday, 20 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 2 - Draft

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups ?

My magazine represents a wide range of audiences ranging from 'Indie Scenestars, Young Alts, Trackies and Stylers'. Indie scenestars and Young Alts are associated with an indie background and listen to that music genre. Trackies and Stylers are associated more with hip-hop and that music and also the lifestyle that it entails. The magazine which I have produced is mainly focusing on the 'Indie Scenestars and Young Alts'. This is due to the fact that my magazine is a double cover magazine which features an indie cover that I have used and a hip-hop cover which is the other side and I haven't created that one. I think that I can attract a wider target audience due to this feature I have used. I have come across with the type of genre I had in mind for the attraction of my target audience. I mirrored a black and white colour palette to mirror Loud and Quiet magazine and Fader so it has the effect needed on my target audience and attracting them to my magazine. Also, by mirroring Loud and Quiet I can keep the indie theme which is the side of the cover I have produced. The camera angle which I have used is a mid shot which is clever as it is showing my artist top half of his body which brings all attention to him. Also, by getting my artist to have eye contact with the readers it will attract and lure readers into the magazine. The facial expression that my artist is using is very important. This is due to the fact that I have produced a serious magazine and the fairly dull facial expression portrays the genre very well. My model Ben Edwards has similarities with Liam Fray and Jamie T. Although Jamie T can be associated with rap he is also associated with an Indie scene aswell. Liam Fray and Ben Edwards have many similarities and fall into the same category as 'Indie Scenestars', they even have the same hairstyle. They are all of a white ethnicity which most of the singers who fall into the Indie category tend be of this ethnicity. In terms of fashion sense Ben is more casual than smart unlike Jamie T and Liam Fray but the two artist can be know for wearing casual clothing aswell. Also, Ben Edwards can be associated with the smart look at times aswell. I have mainly focused my magazine with a male audience and target market due to the fact that my media product mainly has photos of male artists and bands, therefore it will appeal to a male audience more.

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