Monday, 30 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 4 - Draft

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

An example of my audience profile is a student, Tom Brown from Leicester. He is currently at college studying a media course which he loves. Tom is also working at the local newspaper shop in his spare time which can help him generate some money towards going out and going to local gigs and festivals. Tom loves his music and has always been into hip-hop, but has recently taken a liking to the indie / alternative music genre which he is discovering new artists and bands every day. He listens to artists and bands such as A$AP Rocky, SchoolBoy Q, J Cole, Kasabian, Crystal Fighters and has recently discovered the rising band - Peace. The type of music that Tom likes is the exact music genre that will be in my music magazine, meaning Tom will be interested in my new magazine and what is has to offer. The audience that I am targeting is 16-25 year old males and obviously Tom fits straight into this category as an 18 year old with love for hip-hop and indie / alternative music. This makes Tom a good audience profile for my music magazine. Tom will come under a few tribes which include stylers and indie scenestars. This is because Tom wears brands such as Nike and Adidas. However, Tom has been known to mix it up and wear clothes that set him apart from the crowd by wearing baggy flared jeans which are becoming a trend within the indie fashion. Also, Tom attends festivals and has attended Parklife, Glastonbury and is going to Leeds festival this summer which will be the second successive year he has attended. Tom likes to find new and old music and has a Spotify account which helps him with this search. He also has a Soundcloud account which he uses to help him find the latest hip-hop.

For the research of my target audience I used channel 4's UK tribes and this helped me look for the categories of people that could potentially be my target audience and to read my music magazine. I found a few categories that suited my magazine and the audience that I wanted to target and Tom also fell into a few of them. The categories are; indie scenestars, young alts, stylers and trackies. The information that I gathered from UK tribes about indie scenestars and young alts is that these are the types of people who search for new upcoming music. Tom is also know for going to upcoming bands and local gigs on occasions. Another element of these categories are that they like to attend festivals which can be a feature within my magazine as I could preview some festivals and also interview artists and bands that have been or are going to be at certain festivals. These festivals will include Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury. They also have a fashion which is bringing back fashionable clothing in the 80's which includes the new upcoming fashion which are baggy flared jeans. Tom likes to wear these at times, accompanied by a bomber jacket which is also from the 80's time period. I could use this within my magazine as it will keep the readers happy and will also be associated with the indie / alternative genre. I had also chose stylers and trackies to be another category that could potentially read my magazine and the dress sense goes with the hip-hop genre. This fashion will include box fresh trainers, tracksuits and brand such as Nike and Adidas. The distribution of my magazine will be online which can be subscribed for as it will suit both of my genres as they don't want to be seen buying magazines in mainstream shops.

Name: Tom Brown

Age: 18

Occupation: Tom is studying a college course in media which he loves. Also, Tom works at the local newspaper shop in his spare time, usually at weekends, to earn some money which can go to his funding for media equipment.

Interests: Tom's interests are going to pub and clubs with his friends, he plays for a local football team, he loves listening to the latest music of all genres which is why he would love to read my new general music magazine.

Favourite brands: Supreme, Palace, Ralph Lauren, Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club.

Favourite magazine: Clash

Favourite music: ASAP Rocky, J Cole, Schoolboy Q, Kasabian, Crystal Fighters and Peace

Favourite activities: Football, listening to music and going out to pubs and clubs.


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