Monday, 30 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 3 - Draft

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The type of media institution that I would like to publish FL!P magazine would be a company such as IPC media or now known as Time inc which is a major multinational distribution company. This already has an established reputation amongst British based magazines with NME and Now magazine. I believe that  a company such as Time inc would allow the potential for my magazine to be published and reach a broader audience, particularly that of which I have aimed my publication at. I think that there is a gap in the market of Time inc and my music magazine can fill the gap and become a success due to its individuality. The magazines that time inc publish already are NME and Now which concentrate on music, fashion and gossip. These magazines are both mainstream and have lots of readers and people who buy the product. With an already established media institution willing to publish my magazine then I believe it will fill the void in the market for a double cover music magazine, predominantly aimed at men, again highlighted that if they were to publish my magazine it wouldn't be a great financial risk because of the difference in magazine that they already produce and that there isn't a magazine like it apart from Fader which is still aimed at some different audiences.

The retail price that is charged by Time inc for their magazines is different as Now is 99p and NME around £2.50 which is lower than my price of the magazine but I believe when people see the price they will know that it will be a good quality magazine. Also, it is  monthly magazine so it will be profitable and therefore able to invest in my project. My magazine appeals mainly to males at the age of 16-25. This shows that it wouldn't be at risk to the company financially as there should be a wide enough audience to with an interest in buying FL!P. 

Magazines that would be published and distributed in a similar way to my magazine are again NME and Now. These magazines are distributed online and in some mainstream shops and magazine/book stores. This is the way I want my magazine to be published and distributed but in less mainstream shops as that isn't the audience I am aiming for with my magazine. I think that Time inc would be the most suitable for publishing and distributing my magazine as they don't already have a magazine like it and it will make a profit because of the wide audience it attracts and the price which viewers of FL!P won't mind paying as it will be for a good magazine and what they're into.

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