Thursday, 16 April 2015

Question 7

7. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

I have made a significant amount of progression from my preliminary magazine that I created compared to my final magazine. The main aspect of this progression is my ability to use Photoshop and use it to a good standard. At first I hadn't been on Photoshop before and was therefore inexperienced in using the software, but as the task went on I was able to perform the actions I wanted to do instead of just making a basic and not very good magazine. I also gained an idea of how to make my magazine and for it to fit into a certain target market which I was unsure on who to target my preliminary magazine on and aimed it at a college audience but didn't really perform this successfully.

The development of my ability to use Photoshop was the most significant progression that I achieved while I was constructing my final magazine. The preliminary front cover that I have created was poorly made as I look back on it now but when I first created it I believed it was a goo piece of work. Firstly I used the same text throughout the magazine and that text was a poor decision to use. Also, the sizing of my text was poorly thought of as most of it is too big and certain things such as the date on this front cover was way to big and stood out which it shouldn't have done. As the task went on I was able to get a good knowledge of what size to make texts and which fonts to use. I was able to make images look better which are used in my final magazine as I learnt how to brighten and contrast photos which made them look better and gave them the desired effect that I set out for. I was also able to use the cropping tool a lot better and gained an idea of what size to make images so they looked better and improved the look of my magazine. The attention to detail that I shown on my preliminary magazine compared to my final magazine was drastic. Reasons for this are because on the preliminary task some of the text is not centred or in line with the other content on the page. Also, it doesn't have the look of a professional magazine as it is poorly constructed with too much space between text and varied spaces which isn't the desired look I wanted. The mast head is poorly positioned aswell as it is too far from the top of the magazine and isn't eye catching because of the size of the other writing that is on the page. This compared to my final magazine is a massive difference as I paid attention to every detail throughout the magazine and made sure the spaces between text were all the same, I made sure the text was aligned with the other content, I also made sure that the sizing of the font was all perfect and was well constructed, I made sure I positioned the images, text and the barcode perfectly so nothing looked out of place and all worked well together to give a professional feel to my magazine. I believe this profession was also due to me when I was looking at many different magazines for inspiration and this then improved my ability to be able to construct a professional looking magazine and the thought process and planning that I had to do before hand and during the process. The layout of the magazine has been thought through and even though I had used the conventional ideas F, Z and H, I still believe it is a well structured magazine.

The progression that I made on completing my contents page on my final magazine compared to my preliminary magazine was performed well I believe. The contents that I originally created for my preliminary task was very poor and had no thought process to it which is evident when viewing the page. The use of text that I used was bad as the positioning of it is poor and the size is also poorly constructed. The layout of the whole page isn't that bad but that way I executed it made it look a poor layout as I got none of the details right. The text is too big for a contents page as it stands out and looks bold which isn't the desired affect that I went for. The alignment of everything is all wrong and the way I put the title of the page down the side of the page didn't work.  The font chosen was wrong and didn't look professional and changed the complexion of the magazine. I believe that the progression shown from my first contents page that I created for my preliminary magazine compared to the contents page on my final magazine was extremely significant. I paid attention to detail on this page by making sure everything was perfectly placed in order for it to look professional. I used columns for the text which shows the content of the magazine which gave it a neater look and made it look more professional instead of doing it all in one column. 

The page that I cannot compare with anything is my double page spread which I didn't do for my preliminary take as it wasn't needed. However, seeing my progression throughout the process I feel as though I would have improvedon what I would have produced to come out with the pages at the end which I am proud of and I have have a neat and professional look to them.

The progression that has seen me through the duration of the tasks has been very good and have came from not being confident in myself in using certain types of software which include; Photoshop as the main aspect of progression I have shown. I have progressed massively throughout the duration of tasks set and have been able to show my magazine in the best way I could.

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