Friday, 6 February 2015

My Draft Cover, Contents and DPS

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  1. The cover has potential

    1. Consider a more subtlbly branded top for your artist
    2. Take care with alignment, your barcode and price have bled into the white space of your page border and therefore make the cover look disorganised
    3. Throughout your magazine you'll need to create a clearer sense of who your artist is, currently he is too non descript as your shots and styling are too similar.
    4. You will need a variety of images on your contents page, work with other classmates and share images from your photo shoots
    5. DPS is weakest element, too much white space on the page and font choice is poor. Work on a 5 grid per page base model, this will alow you to embed a pull quote in and inbetweet the two collumns you do currently have.